XOLAREN is one of the national leading enterprises in the field of Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency systems. Our strength in custom-tailored design and technically superior solutions for projects. We have been executing the full range of engineering services and construction of Renewable Energy plants since 2018. We do treat ourselves as a one-stop solution provider in generating Renewable Energy (Solar) around the country.

XOLAREN is the country project partner of CHINT global for implementing solar and electrical projects in Bangladesh.

We do Solar in a variety of ways:

* Expertise in Design & Engineering
* Experience in high-end & aesthetic practices
* Smart integration of the latest technology innovations
* Strong relationships with leading manufacturers
* Introduction of Investors for medium to large rooftop solar OPEX projects

Our Services and Supports include

XOLAREN Cost impact analysis and feasibility study
XOLAREN Technical / Commercial consulting
XOLAREN Site survey Project Design and Detailed Engineering
XOLAREN Regulatory and Government Liaison
XOLAREN Supply of materials, components, and BOS
XOLAREN EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)
XOLAREN Project Management
XOLAREN Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for solar project
XOLAREN Subsequent Consulting for revenue maximization


Solar PV Module

We can supply best quality solar panels (Poly & Monocrystalline type) for any project. We do not prefer retail sales of solar modules. Our brands are ASTRONERGY, LONGI, CHINALAND, QXPV, etc.

“We ensure our customers with following Specialty features of our modules.”

• Excellent low light response
• Best – in class manufacturing technology and equipment from Europe.
• UV resistant, weather-proof junction boxes with bypass diodes.
• Torsion and corrosion resistance with anodized screw type aluminum frame.
• Superior Quality, TUV & UL Certified raw materials.
• High quality encapsulation material to ensure high quality lamination and best working on field.
• High quality IP-65 Junction Box to ensure high electrical output and best registrant to temperature to all weather condition.
• High Transitivity, Low iron, Tempered & Higher impact resistance using scratch resistant toughened solar glass to ensure higher light absorption. .
• 12 Years of output power warranty for performance of not less than 90% of output power.
• 25 Years of output power warranty for performance of not less than 80% of output power.
• Globally recognized & World class certificates of IEC 61215 & IEC 61730, IEC 61701, ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004.

Solar Inverter- On-grid, Hybrid and Off-grid

When we do design solar C&I projects, we prefer FIMER, SMA, CHINT, SOLAR FOKUS, SUN GROW solar inverters. At the same time, we also sell our projects with JFY, SOLIS, SOFAR, DEYE, SUNGOLD, etc.

The basic features of the inverters are:

• Monitoring and controlling of the entire photovoltaic system
• All the solar inverters are good quality and the price varies from brand to brands.
• Efficiency level is more than 97% for each case
• IEC certificates are available for each brand and series of inverter.
• Voltage tolerance is suitable for Bangladesh market
• THD level is as per net-energy metering guidelines
• Suitable for energy generation at low sunlight
• Integrated of Surge protectors in the inverter
• High DC to AC ratio for connecting with higher capacity solar panels that reduce the system cost
• Remote monitoring features are integrated with the inverter
• Yearly and monthly energy generation data can be found in the system cloud
• Protection of the network against overloading
• For grid-connected systems, automatic disconnection from the grid is possible if required

Solar Mounting Structure

Solar mounting structure plays a major role for keeping the solar panels in position for the next couple of decades.
We offer local and imported (Plug & Play) type solar mounting structure. Local fabricated solar mounting structures are hot dipped galvanized type. This will give the structure highly durable in the advert weather conditions.
For all the locally fabricated solar mounting structures are MS type.
Solar mounting structures used for the Roof C&I projects are aluminum type and these are from some reputed Chinese manufactures.

Accessories-Cable, Connectors, data logger, CB, SPD etc.

For a fail-safe solar system a lot of accessories re required. DC cables must be used for connecting the panels using the MC4 connectors and then terminated through the DC combiner boxes (where applicable) to the inverter terminals.
The DC cable makes sure low voltage drop and prolonged serviceability of the cables for the system. Using AC cable in place of DC cables is a great threat to the solar system in the long run.


DC circuit breaker is an integrated part of solar system; we always consider this product along
with each solar project. Without a DC circuit breakers the system can be cheaper, but in the long run, the system will be in great threat.

The SPD (Surge Protecting Device) is a mandatory requirements that we always consider while we design the solar system. Without SPD a solar inverter will be in great danger and the warranty might not be claimed due to inadequate protection (without SPD).

Proper earthing of the system is also a basic requirements for keeping the system safer and protecting from being electrocuted.

Solar Street Light

Solar street light is a good piece of technology that will ensure lights in a location where the electrical connection is either unavailable or difficult the arrange connections or expensive for the connections.

We, XOLAREN can supply PHILIPS solar street light and some chine brands as well. All the Street lights are stand-alone type and with higher DoA for trusted supply of light regardless the climatic condition of the installed location. The lumen/ watt of solar street lights is higher than other LED lights.
A good quality Solar Street light must be grounded properly and a SPD connections.

With extensive experience operating throughout Bangladesh and in various challenging environments, XOLAREN’s track record for reliable delivery is demonstrated by its significant portfolio of satisfied customers and clients.