Q1: Are you an authorized distributor of ELESOL® in Bangladesh?

Yes, we are the only business partner of ELESOL® in Bangladesh market. You can follow the link to verify us:

Q2: Which industries are using ELESOL®?

ELESOL® is commonly used across the globe in various industries. This applies to all types of industries. Opportunity for savings will differ between industries. However, regardless of the kind of industrial sector, ELESOL® can save energy.

Q3: Why do rates of electricity usage get reduced through ELESOL®? Or How much energy saving can I expect?

When electromagnetic waves enter (or generate in) the circuit, the noise from the alternating current as well as harmonic elements is published. These can be reduced significantly by using ELESOL®. ELESOL® can save electrical energy up to 8-15% (avg.) regardless of any type of industry (it is expected 10-20% saving in the Asian market).

Q9: Will ELESOL® harm electronic equipment and machines in use?

ELESOL® requires no power; so, it will not cause any damage to your electronic equipment and machines. And it does not interfere with electrical circuits directly or indirectly.

Q8: We do have a lot of VFD for the motors and a lot of VFDs have filters; can ELESOL save energy there?

Yes, it does. We do have similar case study in EPIC group and BSRM, mirersorai factory. Where we could save 7.84% energy from the motor. (it was 1.15MW fan motor in BSRM)

Q7: How do you install ELESOL®?

ELESOL® will be installed in the electrical system by our professionals from Japan or local business partners with specialist expertise. This solution requires no electrical wiring or design; so, there is no need to shut down the installation’s primary power supply. Please follow the connection:

Q6: What is the lifespan of ELESOL®?

As the product does not require any power, it is expected that it will not be damaged by itself. And ELESOL® consists of no electronic components/parts and can, therefore, be used semi-permanently.

Q5: How do we detect the noise, which is responsible for the loss of electricity?

We can use the Gauss Meter; explained in “Result of ELESOL” section in the earlier page.

Q4: Does ELESOL® influence electric systems in facilities such as hospitals, medical centres, hotels or telecommunication system?

ELESOL® itself is a passive element that does not discharge but nullify electromagnetic waves. It exerts no influence, therefore. Hence, this means that the power supply will remain unaffected rather quality will be improved.

Q10: Our factory uses VFD (inverter) for a bigger motor with a harmonics filter; can ELESOL® save energy there?

Yes, ELESOL® can save energy if your motors are driven by VFD (variable frequency drive). And even the VFD is supported by a harmonics filter, ELESOL® can save energy but not without ELESOL®. We have proven data on these cases from the Bangladesh market.

Q11: Do ELESOL® plates affect the cable insulation health or performance in the long run?

No, there is no effect on any of the power cables by installing ELESOL®.

Q12: What’s the difference between ELESOL® & the (PFC) & does ELESOL® affects the (PFC)?

Both Power Factor Correction (PFC) and ELESOL® reduce the noise in the current. The PFC needs to be connected to the circuit, but ELESOL® doesn’t and PFC located at the LT side only but ELESOL® is installed at the load side which is more effective. PFC consumes power but, not ELESOL®. ELESOL® always complements and does not affect the PFC (as noise is produced the further you leave the PFC).

Q13: What is the max. Voltage level and ampere that 1 (one) ELESOL® plate can be used for?

Basically, there is no limit. “ELESOL® is like the ocean-the more it rains the more it takes”. In Japan, it has never shown that under the tests ELESOL® has achieved its own boundaries. It is also okay for medium voltage. We discovered in Denmark that one plate per phase is reasonable enough for a circuit of 3000 A.

Q14: Does ELESOL® works immediately after installation or need time?

Although the impact itself starts immediately, daily accumulation cannot see the effect of saving electricity, so confirming it as a number will take some time. “For now, the month’s bill end is the strongest evidence.”

Q15: Can we install ELESOL® only a portion of our facility?

We never suggest any client installing ELESOL® a portion of their factory/facility; because savings cannot be measured at the real level in this manner. Because the harmonics continue to generate by the other components of the facility/factory, the savings will be poor. But you can see the savings.

Q16: How do we measure the savings from ELESOL®?

We always compare two distinct years of the same month. There is no better outcome compared to the past month (prior month’s output may be higher / lower than the present month’s manufacturing).

Q17: How much the life span of a transformer is affected by harmonics?

The loss of life (%LOL) of a transformer due to non-linear harmonics is more than 40%. It means due to harmonics an expected 20 years transformer will be 12 years in real.

Ref page 54.